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Do the angels kiss?



 Put away the little playthings

That the darling used to wear,

She will need them on earth never,—

She has climbed the golden stair;

She is with the happy angels,

And I long for her sweet kiss,

Where her little feet are waiting

In the realm of perfect bliss.…


Kiss the little curly tresses

Cut from her bright, golden hair,—

Do the angels kiss our darling

In the realm so bright and fair?

Oh! we pray to meet our darling

For a long, long, sweet embrace,

Where the little feet are waiting—

And we meet her face to face.


“Where the Little Feet Are Waiting;” or, “The Golden Stair” (1866)

Transcription  by A. P. Wyman. Words by W. Dexter Smith, Jr. 

Music by Joseph Philbrick Webster, 1819-1875.